Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blog #5 Round Table Reflections/Takeaways

Here is a platform for you to share what YOU have taken from each Round Table (this way you'll see what others are thinking, which makes them stealable as well!). What stealable ideas did you get? What videos/songs/books/articles will you find and use for your own classroom? What activities are a must for you? What concepts?

For a recap, here are the roundtables, in order:

Barri on Mentor Texts
Julie on Hayakawa's Ladder of Abstraction
Haylee on Writer's Notebook/Journaling Generating ideas
Ali on Slam Poetry
Dr. Fox on Reformulation
Clayton on Bridging the Gap (between old and new, poetry and media)
Amanda on Storytelling/Power of the Story
Jim on Making the Post-Modern Approachable
Taylour on Interactive Read-Alouds
Christy on Argument Writing
Leanne (to come)
I'll update theirs as soon as I have titles!

If you can, post what you have done and taken away from each by Tuesday, June 30th and then add Leanne's Wednesday evening! We will keep the blog up so you can go back and reference it! 

Blog #4 Jigsawing

How did it feel to jigsaw Lane and Rief? What would you change or keep when doing this with your own students? Share thoughts on the value and the drawback to jigsawing (because there are both). :-)
Post by Sunday, if you can and respond by Tuesday.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blog #3 Authors, Apps, and Activities

After two full weeks of your first Summer Institute, discuss what has been most impactful, what you have learned that you will definitely take into your classrooms, and something you want to do a bit more with. Also consider how you will balance all of the digital demands while still maintaining the integrity of writing (and what we know works). Blog by Tuesday June 23rd, respond by Friday, June 26th.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blog #2 Response to Readings and RTs Week 1

So you have now read the first two chapters in Rief and Lane, you've seen three RTs, and you've experienced a week's worth of Writing Project.

What have you gotten from the readings so far? Share at least one thing from each chapter that you found valuable.

What have you gotten from the RTs so far? Share something you learned and will use in your classroom from each one (Barri, Julie, Haylee).

How has the first day gone in general? Share a success and a struggle...

Post by Sunday at noon. Respond to 2-3 project folks by Monday at noon.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Blog #1 How's It Going?

Give a quick overview of how you feel the first two days have gone, what you've learned, any quick successes or worries, and a general sense of how the MWP mentality is fitting in with your thinking about teaching writing. Blog by Tuesday night at midnight; respond to at 2-3 classmates by Wednesday at midnight.